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Project Logo

Fast 2D and 3D physics engine for the Rust programming language.

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Multi-platforms physics simulations

Fast physics for games, animation and robotics. Runs cross-platform, including the official support of web platforms.

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Joint constraints

Constraint the relative motion of two rigid-bodies using force-based joints. Simulate ragdolls, robots, vehicles, etc.

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Contact events and scene queries

Handle collision and intersection events or use scene queries to perform ray-casting, sweep-tests, intersection tests, etc.

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SIMD and parallelism

Optionally enable SIMD optimizations and/or parallelism to get the best performance your CPU can offer to simulate complex scenes.

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WebAssembly and JavaScript

Use our official NPM packages published behind the @dimforge namespace and run Rapier in any modern browser.

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Cross-platform determinism

Optionally make Rapier cross-platform deterministic on all IEEE 754-2008 compliant 32- and 64-bits platforms.

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Forever free and Open-Source

Built with a FOSS mindset, we aim to empower the Rust and web communities with an efficient physics simulation framework.